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About The Style

The purpose of Kaivalya Yoga is to promote the experiential realization of Yoga according to Tradition, as translated into our modern day world.

Kaivalya: ¨Absolute Freedom, Absolute Independence, Absolute Aloneness, Absolute Truth¨

The foremost goal of yoga, according to Sri Patanjali Maharishi. 
The essence of who we really are isn`t far away, is not even close, it is simply ever present, like the air we breathe. 

And more than the air we breathe: it is the ¨stateless state¨ (Turya) perceived prior to all concepts, judgments and super-impositions of the mind on reality and illusions.

The Inner Wisdom of the Heart & the teachings of yoga have been forgotten or watered down for too long.
The purpose of Kaivalya Yoga is to honor and restore the original foremost reason for Yoga practice: to experience Absolute Freedom.

With a secondary yet conducive second goal: to achieve the best possible health for the body-mind system and for all beings.


-Ashtanga With Sri Iyengar Alignments
-Elements of Jivamukti Vinyasas
-Hatha Elements
-True Meditation (Adyashanti)
-Viveka (The Work of Byron Katie)
-Strengthening of the Physical body (Annamayakosha)
-True Yogic Nutrition
-Pranayamas, with focus on the depth of the practice

-Nada Yoga, Chanting & Harmonium Training
-Yoga Sutra, with basics of Sanskrit
-Taoism, Buddhism, Advaita & Advaita Vedanta Elements as

conducive to the experiential realization of Freedom


Kaivalya Yoga practice is designed to improve the quality of our daily life

¨outside the mat¨ on all levels:
-Physical health

-Mental health

-Emotional well-being 

-Relationships with others and with the planet 

-Performance at work



About the Classes

The feeling of Kaivalya classes varies depending on the teacher and the context, but they can generally be considered as a further development of the Jivamukti style; merging the physical practice with the deepest teachings of ancient yoga, adapted to modern life.

The Kaivalya approach to yoga classes can be integrated to deepen all existing styles, allowing teachers of different traditions to improve the quality of whatever class they might already enjoy teaching.


Original proprietary flows are taught during official Teacher Trainings, such as:


-Balanced Ashtanga Vinyasa Class

-Jivamukti Inspired Balanced Vinyasa

-Upa Yoga from Sadhguru Tradition

-Yogic Full Body Strengthening

-Yogic Core Strengthening

-Traditional Hatha

-Yin Yoga


Kaivalya Lineage

Music: ¨Nirvana Shatakam¨

by Jagadguru Adishankara

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