Ramana`s Garden Children`s Home


-Year 2018: 900 Eur donated

-Year 2019: 2470 Eur donated


Karma Yoga

There is nothing more important than a Pure Heart,

There is nothing that brings us closer to Self-Realization than Love.

As yogin, we become stronger by giving and being of help to those in need.

In this world is not always easy to direct our energies and desire to do good toward truly deserving organizations.

During my long journeys in Asia and South East Asia I found one: 

Ramana`s Garden Children`s Home

A Gorgeous orphanage in the center of Rishikesh (Tapovan) who have been inspired by the teachings of Ramana`s Maharishi.

Mooji Baba is often seen there too.

In this heavenly place, children from abusive parental situation are taken and given a new home.

A clean one, a lovely one, a safe one.

It is also one of the only places in India where the food is ORGANIC.

It is my will to continue to help and donate part of my income from TTs to Ramana`s Children. 

I do also gather money through Kiirtan concerts wherever is possible.

If you feel like sharing some of your wealth, even the smallest part, may a great Joy accompany your steps in this life indefinitely.



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