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"Wisdom says I’m nothing love says I’m everything."


Country: Germany

Languages: German, English       Basic: Spanish, Italien

Where can you find her teachings at the moment:

              currently traveling and teaching in Berlin probably in June 2019


I first came in touch with spirituality when I was 13 years old, thanks to my dear mom that gave me the book „the power of now“ by Eckhart Tolle. A book that should change the way i perceived the world and start my path of self inquiry. Already at that young age I was asking myself the big questions of why we are on earth and how to become the best, most happy version of ourselves. Since than my hobby became to listen to the great masters from Allan Watts, the Dalai Lama, Mooji, Osho, Lao Tzu, to Dr. Bruce Lipton that should define my „school of life“.

On the path of mastering the body-mind, Yoga became an inevitable step. I first came in contact with it 4 years ago by going frequently to Yoga classes. At the beginning of 2018 I travelled to India for about 9 months, considering myself one of the many spiritual seekers on the land of the gurus. There I fell in love with Rishikesh, the town with most yogic history and variety of teachers. I stayed for 4 months learning from different teachers and styles and finally made my first 200 hrs Yoga Alliance teacher training in Hatha - Vinyasa. Being in the birth place of Yoga for 9 months allowed me to learn with the best traditional teachers, being daily surrounded by Hindu and Buddhist spiritual practises, and developing my own sadhana (spiritual practise).

Bringing all this understandings back home, I started sharing them and teaching to small groups of friends. One of the amazing teachers I was honoured to learn from in India was Enrico himself. I was actually assured i don’t want to do another training, but his style was so special to me, that I changed my mind.

Kaivalya Yoga for me is absolute outstanding to the other styles, bringing the best bits together into a „hollistic“ ashtanga Yoga approach. His teachings are bringing us back to understanding why we are on the mat, spiritualising a in the west often merely physical practise. Kaivalya Yoga will make sure that all our 5 kosas (our bodies ) from the gross and physical to the subtle and energetic ones will be moved. Our practise is coming from a profound study and understanding of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the godfather of Yoga, that gives direct instructions for how to walk the path of Samadhi - enlightenment - Kaivalya - absolute freedom.

The teacher training with Enrico was so much more than an asana (physical practises) training. By making sure we would understand the teachings by experience, not just with our minds, he helped us to become Yoga teachers, not asana teachers. I’m very much looking forward to share my experiences with the world and give back what I received.

Music: ¨Nirvana Shatakam¨

by Jagadguru Adishankara

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