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"The biggest embrace of love you ever make is to embrace yourself compleatly. The you want to realize you have embraced the whole universe and everything ."   (Adyashanti)


Country: Italy

Languages: Italian, English

Where can you find her teachings at the moment:



On my right shoulder there is a tattoo: a boat whose sails are the wings of a butterfly that leaves the mantra So Ham (from the Sanskrit "I am the One Who Is"). It reminds me that if there is something with whom I have necessarily to identify myself, this is the ultimate reality, the divine principle… but in this body mind today I am also a sociologist, an entrepreneur, an author and a speaker of the Science of Happiness.:)

I have been a HR Manager, a consultant and a trainer for big Companies, designing tools and methodologies for the development of people and organizations but in 2009 everything started to change.

I was a woman like many who are seen today: super busy, always in a hurry, very oriented to give, to demonstrate, to perform and to control. My job as a consultant often took me around, I moved a lot, I talked a lot, I used a lot of energy to manage stress and dissatisfaction of others (basically this was my first job: helping others to find the center, do not get crushed from stress, stop, listen ..) and I was completely inconsistent, because I did not apply to me the things I was going to tell. Then, as often happens, life is wiser than us and our body is a wonderful tool to increase awareness (if only we could observe it and listen to it more!).

So I started to suffer from insomnia and I was often very tired. One of my aerobics teacher suggested me to attend her yoga classes and it is curious because at first I had a bad opinion of the discipline. I liked to dance, to move .. what did I have to do with the stillness and the silence with which I identified yoga practice? Well .. still today I am very grateful to that first teacher because it was love at first sight.

Slowly but steadily Yoga has changed everything in me and in my life. So I started also to dedicate my self to spiritual research and to the experimentation of practice and integrated models for the positive change of people and systems. I subscribed to a specialized Yoga magazine, read Yoga books, attended festivals in Italy, participated in workshops and seminars with teachers from all over the world and all this allowed me to deepen all the aspects until I went to India in 2015 in Rishikesh, to take the Hatha Yoga 200h YA certification for teaching.

The path towards absolute freedom, authentic and everlasting happiness has continued (and it will always go on) until I met my master Enrico and his Kaivalya Yoga style, an innovative approach but very pure and grounded in the tradition so, in January 2019 I attended the 300h Kaivalya Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, a very deep and decisive transformative process.

During and soon after the training I began to perceive the amazing and concrete benefits on a physical level: better quality of sleep; great level of energy all the day; body definition; pureness of the skin and several people says I look younger ;)

At level of mind and emotions I can report clearness of vision; stable and positive mood; focus and the capacity to make more effective and quick decisions; a stronger will and a general constant sentiment of loving-kindness towards and from the world around.

The more I practice, the more I am flexible of course, but the most important benefit I get is coming into deep contact with the Self, the Reality and the Truth, and all these realizations have been possible for the integrated approach of Kaivalya style: the role of nutrition and food - according to the Yoga pure teachings (annamayakosha; ahimsa) - for our health, longevity, happiness and ecological responsibility; the non-practice of True meditation by Adyashanti, as a simple and concrete way to free our minds from the suffering of circular patterns of thinking (yoga chitta vritti nirodhah - as Patanjali said in the Yoga sutras) or overthinking and unconscious cultural conditioning.. Just to say two of the apparent unconventional aspects of Kaivalya style that are not founded in the “main-stream” Yoga Teacher Trainings.

To be a Kaivalya teacher for me means to reduce Avidya (ignorance) in the world about who we really are and how to build our happiness and freedom in this life, so I give workshops - also in sailing cruises - that combine meditation, spiritual teachings, asanas, pranayama in a framework aimed to solve the nowadays people problems (emotional sufference, stress, conflicts, fears..) and integrating the language and the findings of the science of happiness as a bridge to make people closer to Yoga and themselves. Today I bring the science of happiness in my yoga workshops and the Yoga teachings in the people&organizations development courses that I give.

Thanks to Kaivalya Yoga TT I realized the Union and Integrity in my daily life because the Company that I run has the purpose to realize “happiness first of all and for all” that reflect my personal purpose, which is “Lokah Samastah Sukhino

Music: ¨Nirvana Shatakam¨

by Jagadguru Adishankara

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