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Sara Bianchi


Country: Italy

Language: Italian


The search for Truth has always been present in me, driven by that awareness of no to be just this body-mind. I moved through different fields in my life, with a strong propensity for Art and Dance, but without a clear and precise goal, I felt that there was much more to dig. And the research led me to Yoga, where I experimented with different classes, a bit unconscious and with little continuity. About one year ago I had the precious fortune of meeting Master Enrico Quintavalla (not by chance), participating in one of his workshops on the Yoga Sutras, the roots of Yoga ... so it was me from that moment. He planted seeds and allowed real roots in what I had long been looking for: the path to Truth. Succeeding in touching the depths shown by a Master. That little flame that needed to be seen and recognized by those who in turn have already seen. I followed him without pause and with dedication, until I attended the August Teacher Training 2019 ... God knows how much I wanted to be there. With Kaivalya I took the chance to be reborn, to literally change skin ... through the practice that is not limited to the execution of Asana but where there is a continual internalization, a constant listening to oneself until the merging happens. Through practices of Bhakti (devotion), which leads to humility, trust and openness to our Self with the divine, through Meditation or "True Meditation", to "return", to experience our true Nature through abandonment and acceptance. With constant reference to the teachings of the Masters and Gurus, in all this the filter (the teacher) is the keystone. But in support of all this gear, nutrition plays a central role. A highly Pure (Healthy Raw Vegan) and Ahimsic (far from the desire to violence), to make this body pure and strong, to have a more lucid and stable mind .. this shell is a powerful and wonderful ally, along this infinite growth. Purify me and bring this complex machine alive to the best of its ability and at the same time to bring the least possible damage to all beings, to the whole existence ... donate strength, harmony and love ...  good Karma. The completeness and depth of Kaivalya require constant organizational effort, just like that we can take root in practice and then inhabit it, as Sri Sri Patanjali suggests, alone so we can free ourselves from the identifications of this life. Only then can we better live this dream, free from suffering, and really be able to help others. Today this is my goal, my inner work, my evolution as a human beeing. I do not know if I will succeed in this passage of Life alone, but to be able to grasp, realize and seeing all this is already an immense but rare Divine Gift. Forever Grateful to my Master Enrico Quintavalla, who showed me like a mirror the Way, bringing forth Light and Shadow, Light on my objectives and Shadow on obstacles to be seen and crossed, with no fear. I currently teach Kaivalya Yoga at the Madhupriya center in Collecchio (PR) and at the center  Fitness Fit Love, Sala Baganza (PR)

I`ve also taught at the first Italian Kaivalya Yoga Teacher Training in 2019.


Om Jai Kaivalya Yoga

Music: ¨Nirvana Shatakam¨

by Jagadguru Adishankara

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