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Simonetta Rossi

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Country: Parma, Italy

Born: Asmara (Ethiopia)

Languages: Italian, Spanish​



Facebook: simonetta.rossi.documentarista

Instagram – Simon_Ross_artist

I am a documentary filmmaker and creator of one of the biggest bio vegan festivals in Europe
(Parma Etica Festival - The festival was born in Parma in 2013, a city of gastronomy, famous for its ham and cheese.  After seven years of intense and very difficult work, completely immersed in the world of doing, I felt the need to get back in touch with my true self.
To recover joy. Yoga has always been part of my life but I had never found a teacher like Enrico,
who had the courage to embrace all of his ways, without seeing them as a surrender, but as an immense illumination.
My diet has been plant based since I was child and now I have chosen to eat mainly raw food because I feel that it is of huge benefit to my body mind.  I only buy 100% cruelty free products and at zero km.
I am an activist for the animal liberation front and I volunteer for social causes. Breeding (not only intensive) and vivisection are our greatest plagues, not only for the planet but also for our health.

To be a Kaivalya teacher for me means to spread Aimsa (absence of desire for violence) into the world with joy. The highest form of liberation in this life is to take care of others, but the "others" are not only people but also animals, plants and every other life on this planet. True Yoga is a philosophy of life that prescribes us to be kind, good and connected with the whole world. To avoid harming every creature is true wisdom, all the rest is just ignorance (Avidya). Our every thought, word and action in this life should be aimed at happiness, at the liberation and care of every form of life, including ours. - Combining meditation, spiritual teachings, asanas, pranayama to solve people's current problems is what I will bring to the world after this Kaivalya Yoga TT. I trust to share, as always, my spiritual experiences with the world of children who I really care about.

Music: ¨Nirvana Shatakam¨

by Jagadguru Adishankara

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